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Our Values 1

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  • Reach/go/evangelise:  all of us should be “Great Commission” Christians involved in reaching the lost.
  • Worship: we believe in the value of praying, true worship, private and group devotions
  • Growth: all of us should be growing and maturing into the image of Christ
  • Generosity: we believe that followers of Christ sow into the kingdom with tithes, offerings, gifts, open homes and open hearts
  • Prophetic: we believe that we should be a prophetic people, in constant communication with God, being led by the Spirit.
  • Friendship: we believe in wholehearted commitment to each other, as real and true friends.
  • Participation and the Priesthood of Believers: we believe that every member of the Church is called and gifted and should be functioning in their area of giftedness.

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