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                                             Our Values 2          
                                                                           Values 1-2            Values 2-2      

·         Apostolic oversight: we believe in being connected to an Apostolic team for valued input, guidance and covering.

·         Team: we believe in team; husband and wife team, church leadership team, ministry teams.

·         Intercession: we value intercessory prayer for spiritual covering and break-throughs.

·         Family: a basic and vital building block of a Godly society - honouring parents and nurturing children.

·         Creativity and Innovation: we believe that God is a creative and colourful God who has gifted us - we should demonstrate this.

·         Small Groups; all members should be linked into a small group within the Church community for growth and caring

·         Pastoral: we believe in a Church where all are cared for and have a sense of belonging.


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